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So, you’re late for a meeting. You rush into your car, and it won’t start. The engine refuses to power on, and the lights don’t comply. The only unit that links the two components is the battery. You deduce that your battery is now dead. How did all this happen overnight?

It’s useful to know the purpose of a car battery, and how it functions. The battery essentially transmits power from its starter motor to the engine’s spark plugs. This action ignites the fuel and powers up all the other car components.

Pay close attention to any electrical components such as lights and alarms, as they will indicate if your battery is close to dying. Now that we’ve got the context out of the way, let’s get started on your battery issues.

1. Faulty charging mechanism

We stated earlier that the battery is the catalyst in firing up the engine. Once the engine is running, the alternator that sits on top of it becomes responsible for charging the battery.

If your car suddenly won’t start despite driving recently, it points towards a faulty alternator. You’re advised to get a thorough diagnostics check to identify where the issue lies, and how it can be fixed.

2. You forgot to turn off your lights

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we’re too tired after a hard day’s work, and we forget to turn off the headlights or cabin lights. As the story goes, the battery drains overnight.

Your best option would be to try and start it with jumper cables. If that’s not possible, make a booking from your resident flat battery assistant, ServiceMyCar.

3. Temperature extremities

Extreme temperature conditions can also affect your battery’s health. We don’t really have to worry about icy conditions, but the summer’s heat should be on our radar. New batteries are better equipped to handle extreme temperatures, but older ones fare far worse.

If it’s a hot summer’s day and you notice some abnormalities, it’s best to get a car battery diagnostics check at ServiceMyCar.

4. One too many short drives

As we mentioned earlier, the alternator charges your battery up during the course of your drive. If you don’t use your car for long drives, it limits the alternator’s charging capabilities. In other words, too many short trips will affect your battery’s health on the long road.

5. The dreaded ‘parasitic draw’

Firstly, you can relax. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic angst, we’re not claiming there’s a new infection that only affects car batteries. The term’ parasitic draw’ refers to minor electrical abnormalities that occur when the car is turned off.

Yet again, we come back to the alternator and its behavior. Since it can’t power the battery when the car is turned off, some electrical issue could drain your battery while it’s turned off.

The best way to deal with a potential parasitic draw is to ensure you turn off any electrical unit in your car such as the headlights and cabin lights. You must also ensure that your glove compartment, your trunk, and all the doors are closed correctly, as they tend to use battery power in various ways.

6. Finally, your battery may just be old

You know the saying – nothing lasts forever. The same applies to your car battery. If you’re lucky, you can have a battery that lasts up to 5 years.

However, if your battery is reaching the last stages of its life, it can start acting up. If your battery dies quickly despite repeated jumpstarts, it’s time one-stop-shop.

ServiceMyCar is a one-stop-shop for all your car battery needs. When you’ve realized that you run out of power and require a car battery replacement, we offer a comprehensive service.

We can arrive at your location, jumpstart your car, and take it to the workshop, all at once with our car recovery service. Making a booking is easier than ever with our technological platforms.

For example, If you own a fiat and you are facing a battery issue with your car, then you need to find a fiat service center to get the best battery service, SMC application will assist you to find the top-rated garages with free pick-up and delivery service.

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So, you’ve just gotten into your car and started it. Everything seems normal, until a new sign appears on your dashboard. More often than not, it’s not too serious. These signs typically indicate that there’s either something wrong with your car, or a feature you should be aware of.

Regardless of which one it is, you should know what it indicates to stay on top of potential issues. While the signs depend on what car you drive, they mostly have a universal design. Still, it doesn’t hurt to peruse through the owner’s manual so you’re aware of what each sign means.

To help get you started, we’ve created this guide for some of the most common car warning signs to look out for.

How do you check car warning lights?

Usually, you’d be aware of a warning sign when your car has a problem. However, if you want to check how all your lights look and function, it’s straightforward. You can start by turning your car on. If your vehicle has a key start, you can access the ‘on’ mode.

To do this, you insert the key into the ignition. However, instead of twisting to the ‘start’ position (two steps clockwise), you stop at the ‘on’ position (one step clockwise). Once you’ve accessed the ‘on’ mode, you can see most, or all, the dashboard signs illuminate.

Different cars have different methods of accessing this mode. Especially if your vehicle has a push-to-start function, it’s advisable to consult the owner’s manual. We recommend you carry out this check in a dimly lit atmosphere as a bonus tip. It’ll be a lot easier to see the signs properly.

What do yellow signs on your dashboard indicate?

As we mentioned earlier, the colour convention has a universal value, at least for the red and yellow signs. Red signs typically indicate an almost fatal issue with your car. If you see any of these signs, it’s best to avoid driving your vehicle at most costs.

A yellow sign indicates an issue that would need to be serviced shortly. You can note such signs and inform your garage or mechanic when your car is in for a service. There are other colours used too, such as green and blue. They typically indicate a particular feature of your vehicle is being used.

What are the most common dashboard warning lights?

The Oil Pressure Alert

This alert indicates that your engine oil levels are low. It could also signal an issue with your oil pressure system.

The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Alert

Anti-lock brakes are essential since they prevent your car from skidding every time you brake. This alert indicates that your ABS isn’t functioning properly, putting you at risk of skidding.

The Check Engine Alert

Since your engine is an intricate module with many moving parts, this alert could indicate an issue with just about anything. It could be anything from a problem with your oxygen sensor, to an unfastened fuel cap.

The Adaptive Headlights Alert

This alert indicates that there’s an issue with your adaptive headlights system. It’s not a significant concern since your headlights should work fine. The adaptive aspect is only used to ensure your headlights swivel towards the same direction your car is turning to.

The Washer Fluid Alert

This one’s a lot easier to understand than the others. It simply means you need to refill your washer fluid.

The Tyre Pressure Alert

While this alert may be a little challenging to identify at first, it’s self-explanatory. This indicates that some of your tyres may not have proper air pressure in them. It’s best to get your tyre pressure checked, and filled appropriately, if you see this sign.

The Traction Control Alert

This could mean one of two things: one, either your traction control is turned off, or two, your car will not stay stable when you make turns.

While both of them result in the same thing, only one of them is in your control. If your traction control is still on, then it’s advisable to go to the nearest garage and get this issue fixed.

The Low Fuel Alert

This is another simple one. Your fuel is too low, and you need to get it filled ASAP.

The Engine Temperature Warning

This warning is indicative of your engine overheating. If this light is on, it’s best to avoid driving your car without checking if it has cooled down first. If the light persists, it’s advisable to get it checked immediately.

The Battery Warning

This red alert typically indicates that there’s something wrong with your charging system. It may momentarily light up when you start your car, but if it remains, and your vehicle doesn’t start, it could be a problem.

What to do if you see any of these signs?

Whether it’s one of the more innocuous ones, or one of the fatal ones, these signs have to be taken seriously. In this case, it’s crucial to have a trusted garage that’s easily accessible.

However, modern problems call for modern solutions. This is where a comprehensive car maintenance solution like flat battery service comes in. The expansive service network gives you access to the best garages to assist you with all these issues.

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It even doesn’t matter if you’re a driving pro, as the drivers around you can put you in harm’s way. Our fog driving guide is made to ensure you’re aware of the best practices to follow for such situations.  It's necessary to do all the checkups and services from top-rated service centers like lamborghini service dubai before the season starts.

When it gets hazy, remember to follow these tips, so you get back home safe and sound.

Turn on your low beams and fog lights.

This is the critical first step to follow when driving in fog. It seems obvious, but many people don’t really heed it. We’re conditioned to use our headlights on full when there’s low visibility. However, when it’s foggy, that’s an absolute no-no.  You must turn on your low beams and your fog lights to ensure that you remain visible to other cars around you.

Reduce your speed. This is not a normal driving situation.

This is another obvious tip. Yet again, not enough people take this seriously. You must always reduce your speed to safe levels when there’s low visibility. If the fog is too dense, it practically impairs your vision. This means you can never be slow enough. Still, by maintaining a safe speed, you mitigate the risk of getting into an accident.

Turn off cruise control.

You need complete control of your vehicle for such conditions. There’s low visibility. You never know what surprises lie ahead on the road. It’s best practice to have complete control of your car, and not rely on features such as cruise control.

Maintain a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you.

Along with decreased visibility comes longer braking times. This is where the increased safe distance comes in. It not only ensures your safety but that of other drivers too.

Try to minimize any distractions.

Turn off the music and keep away from your phone. All your focus should be on the road and getting back home safely.

Use the right-end of the road as a guide.

Lane discipline can be a nightmare when there’s low visibility. It’s best to stay close to the right end of your lane to counter this. This ensures that you don’t drift too close to the left end and get into the other lane.

If you want to pull over, use your indicators and move as far to the side as possible.

If fog driving is too taxing for you, you may want to stop by the side. It’s absolutely vital to turning on your hazard lights once you’ve stopped. You can never be too assured that people can see you stopped at the side, so try your best to move as far away from the road as possible.

Take proper care of your car to avoid surprise breakdowns in the fog.

The only thing worse than driving in the fog is dealing with a car breakdown in the mist. Taking proper care of your vehicle by following routine service schedules is the best way to ensure its top condition.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to ensure your fog lights are working correctly, so you can put them to use in such situations.


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