Step into the heart of Nepal Bhutan and experience the colorful scenery and culture of this fascinating region. Integrate with local villagers and craftsmen, visit peaceful temples and sacred Buddhist sites, travel through the cobblestone streets of small mountain towns, and search for unique wildlife. From the cyclones of Kathmandu to the lush jungles of Chitwan National Park-with many delightful hidden gems in the middle, you will spend an unforgettable trip in Nepal, full of culture, history, and natural beauty. Bhutan is the little secret of Asia. It is a relatively new tourist destination, located between China and India, in a dark shadow, and its natural scenery and peaceful towns have many undiscovered secrets. The land is dotted with red-robed monks, ancient Buddhist temples and friendly smiles. This is a peaceful country. The total national happiness is more important than money. Chili peppers are used as vegetables instead of spices. Druk wears the national flag to symbolize the people of Bhutan: loyal, patriotic and in the kingdom. Have a complete sense of belonging in. more about: nepal and bhutan are similar in which way

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