Enjoying the day sitting on the balcony in an upholstered rocking chair, sipping a cup of tea can be rather relaxing. Looking at the sunset while listening to music, looking at the scene is about as perfect as it gets. The only problem- exposure to dust, dirt, and moisture for a prolonged amount of time can damage the upholstery as well as the wooden base of the chair. The question that then arises is what else can be done to ensure that the chair remains clean and viable? And how can you ensure that your outdoor furniture- like the upholstered rocking chair, has a long life. Here are some of the tips that need to undergo.

Buy Quality Upholstered Rocking Chair The outdoors can be rather grueling- there is always dust and dirt in the air and the changing weather, temperature, and moisture levels can easily impact the durability of the wooden base as well as the fabric used to cover it. A high-quality chair will be able to withstand a lot more in comparison to a low-quality upholstered rocking chair. Use a polish that protects the wood from decaying and a fabric like cotton, which is easier to maintain and clean and can withstand a lot more heat and dirt as well.

Regular Cleanup We hardly ever deep clean the furniture that is placed indoors- maybe once a year. But it is still necessary to get them cleaned every day. Outdoor furniture, in contrast, should definitely be cleaned daily. But since it is more exposed to various elements, getting them cleaned professionally twice in one year is important to prolong the life of the outdoor upholstered rocking chair.

Use A Cover Cleaning the furniture daily can be a tedious task- especially since any furniture placed outdoors, upholstered chairs, in particular, can gather a lot of dust. One way to substantially decrease the amount of natural buildup of grime, dust and dirt is to cover the furniture when it is not in use. The cost of a cover will be covered with the amount of time it will give to your outdoor furniture.

Consider Placing Then Indoors In Accordance To The Seasons The weather of any place is largely predictable. The seasons change the amount of moisture in the air and with changing seasons come fluctuations in the furniture. During the cold winter months, water and moisture in the chair’s wooden base as well as in the fabric-covered upholstery can freeze up and harden. When the winter melts away, so does all the built-up water and moisture, which can damage the wood as melting water expands and seeps in, making way for bacteria, termites, and a host of other issues. A simple way of resolving this issue is to drag the chair indoors when it cannot be used for long periods- like during the Monsoon and Winter months.

Shield And Polish To Save From Fading UV Rays are extremely damaging and can result in a faded upholstered rocking chair over time. This, however, does not necessarily mean that the wood or the fabric has been damaged. You could shield the furniture from direct sunlight, but the furniture will still fade. Wood that has not been damaged can be restored to its original glory. All you have to do is clean it all up and polish it again.

Repaint If Needed Polish and painting a piece of wooden furniture are not the same things. A paint job applies a thick coat of color on the wooden upholstered rocking chair. And over time, you would need to repaint that old rocker anyway. It will help protect the wood from direct sunlight and dust, thus prolonging its life and durability.


When buying any furniture to place it outdoors- confirm whether it should be placed outside at all. Some kinds of wood should not be placed outdoors. While some wood serves exceptionally well even when placed outdoors. Upholstered rocking chairs can be an amazing addition to a space- whether indoors or outdoors. But placing them outside can help you truly enjoy the marvel of nature. All you need is to buy a good quality upholstered rocking chair online and sip your worries away, looking at the setting sun.

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