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After nearly a year of no rains, the clouds have rolled in for a heavy downpour. While the weather at present is most certainly Instagram-worthy, driving in such conditions is a different story.

Driving in the rain is easily one of the most challenging driving situations to face in this region. Whether it's just a sprinkle or an unexpected shower burst, you can never be too careful.

It should go without saying, but rainy driving conditions are directly proportional to higher accident rates. Regardless of what part of the country you're in, you will have adverse rainy driving conditions at some point. Knowing what to do in such circumstances can provide a world of difference.

We've heard of a litany of tales about facing accidents and mishaps on wet roads. Keeping that in mind, your trusty auto service experts at Service My Car have come up with the ultimate guide to driving in the rain.

Read on to know more about what to do on the road. We also prescribe some of the most common rain-related damages to look out for. This should guide you on what to do after you've been through the treacherous drive.

Is driving in the rain hard?

Driving in the rain can be one of the most challenging driving conditions to experience. The grease and oil from your vehicle produce an inconspicuous film on the road, which becomes slippery when it rains.

As a result, you're advised to follow defensive driving techniques. By reducing your speed and driving defensively, you largely mitigate the risks of hydroplaning.

How slow should you drive in rain?

You're advised to slow down at the first sight of rain, especially when it happens after a dry spell. As we covered above, the oil and dust have just started to set in at this point, making the roads slippier than usual.

Slow down gradually, and drive at least 6 to 10 kph slower than you usually would. If your car starts to hydroplane, slow down gradually and avoid applying the brakes suddenly, to prevent skidding.

What are the 10 critical tips for driving in the rain?

1 - Wait out the rain if possible

This is especially important if you're a new driver or you're just uncomfortable driving in the rain. Try to postpone your trip and wait until the weather improves before committing to the road.

You're advised to avoid putting yourself in danger if the conditions are too hazardous. Moreover, you mitigate other risks and damages by putting your trip off until the weather improves.

2 - Ensure your car's equipment is good to go

If you've got the time, ensure your car's equipment is good to go before you set out in the rain. Check if all your lights, especially the headlights, the indicators, and the taillights, are in working order.

Check if your windshield wipers are working correctly as well. Another nifty tip is to check if your car's tyre treads are fine. If they seem too worn out, then you're advised to skip the trip and get your tyres replaced.

Such adverse driving conditions can drastically affect various components of your vehicle. A lot of cars need to get their windshield replaced after a storm. If you happen to face such a situation, look no further than Service My Car for your next car windshield replacement.

3 - Slow down as much as you can

If you're already on the road and it's raining, then there's probably no turning back. As we covered before, the first thing you ought to do is to slow down, keeping nearby traffic in mind.

It's vital to remember that your vehicle's reaction time becomes a lot slower during the rain. As a result, you must slow down when driving in the rain.

4 - Turn on your headlights

Since heavy downpour results in reduced visibility, you're advised to turn on your headlights. As a result, it not only improves your visibility, but makes you more visible to other drivers on the road.

However, there's a caveat. Driving in heavy rains often results in electrical failure after a while. Many car owners have reported facing issues with headlights and cabin lights after driving in the rain. More often than not, this points towards a problem with the battery or the electrical unit.

Service My Car can solve any car trouble that you may have. If you're facing such electrical issues after being out in the rains recently, you can get a car battery replacement from us.

5 - Don't forget to use your windshield wipers

Now, this might seem like common sense, but many drivers forget to turn on their windshield wipers. Most modern cars also have speed adjustment settings to face anything from a gentle drizzle to a heavy downpour.

If you think your windshield wipers aren't as effective as they used to be, it's best to get them replaced. If you hear any scraping noise while they're operating, or if they leave streaks behind on your windshield, it's time to replace your windshield wipers.

6 - Keep a safe distance between the cars around you

While this is a great tip in general, it's a lot more vital to maintain safety in the rain. As we mentioned earlier, your vehicle has a slower reaction time in the rain.

As a result, by keeping a greater distance between the vehicles around you, you also accommodate the difference in reaction times. The rule of thumb is to maintain the length of at least multiple cars in front of, and around you.

7 - Avoid heavy braking at all costs

You must avoid hard braking in such conditions to prevent hydroplaning. If you want to slow down your vehicle, it's best to take your foot off the accelerator earlier than you typically would. Another tip here is to avoid using cruise control, so you're totally aware and in control of your vehicle.

8 - Watch out for large puddles of still water

The first reason to avoid large puddles is to reduce the risks of hydroplaning. Another critical factor to consider is water seeping into vital components of your vehicle.

Regardless of how high your vehicle's suspension is, if your car isn't designed to go on shallow waters, it's best to avoid puddles entirely. If water seeps into vital components like your engine, it can cause major failures down the line.

Many motorists have reported extensive engine damage after driving through large puddles. If you happen to find yourself in such a situation, it's best to get a car engine repair from Service My Car.

9 - Let your foot off the accelerator when hydroplaning

If you've followed all the aforementioned steps, but still find yourself hydroplaning, it's best to be proactive. We've talked a lot about hydroplaning thus far. It only makes sense to explain the phenomenon.

Hydroplaning, or aquaplaning, occurs when the tyres of your vehicle can't come in contact with the surface of the road because of the water that's lodged in between.

Hydroplaning is one of the most common risks to drive into in the rain. If you're in such a situation, it's best to stay calm and gently let go of the accelerator. Use the preserved momentum of your car to slowly steer towards the part of the road where your tyres can come in contact with the surface.

10 - Ventilate the cabin thoroughly

Rain can cause humidity levels to increase outside. This invariably has an effect on your cabin. During such conditions, your windows may become foggy as you continue driving.

Ensure you use your vehicle's ventilation system to reduce the fog on your windows, especially your front and rear windshield. You can also lower the cabin temperature by cracking a window open if the ventilation system isn't working correctly.

All in all, driving in the rain comes with severe consequences. If you feel like your car needs some care and attention after a harsh (and wet) drive, look no further than Service My Car. If you want more services like Car Oil Change Near Me or other services then you can check all services on our website or app.

Our vast service network ensures your car gets taken to the best car garages the region has to offer. At our partner garage, you can enlist the services of the region's best car technicians to get your car back to speed.

Whether you need a full inspection, or serious repair work done, we can do it all. Get a repair quote, or book a service package today on our website, or on the Service My Car app.

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William Barker at January 21, 2022 at 7:33am EST

As residents of the UAE, we're fortunate enough to experience warm weather for the better part of the year. However, the winter chill can sneak up on us if we're not cautious enough. Relax, relax. This isn't us telling you to stock up on heavy-down jackets and winter coats. You don't need all that. What we're getting at is winter car care.

While we don't deal with adverse conditions such as frost and snow, that doesn't necessarily mean we can be complacent. With a cool head and a hint of proactivity, we can make it through the winter with just about no car troubles. Lest we forget, the winter's when we have most of our road trips planned.

Whether it's unexpected rains, expected morning dew, or a sudden burst of fog, proper vehicle maintenance is imperative in the winter. Cold weather tends to take a toll on cars, and the difficult driving conditions might catch you off-guard. With a bit of long sight and proper planning, you can ensure your vehicle stays road-ready for the winter.

Let's look at what some of the most essential winter car care tips are for the season, straight from your resident auto service experts at Service My Car.

Keep a check on your oil and fuel levels

Ensure your oil level is well within the minimum and the maximum mark on your car's dipstick. Running low on oil can cause hazardous situations on the road. You're advised to check your oil levels only after the car has fully warmed up. If you find yourself running low on oil, it's best to get a car oil change. With doorstep services becoming more popular than ever, you can get your oil changed at your doorstep with a mobile oil change service, such as the one provided by Service My Car.

While you're at it, it doesn't hurt to fill up on petrol too. Ensure you have the right amount of petrol in your tank before you plan long trips. You're especially advised not to stretch out the last few kilometers with low fuel as you might just end up being stranded on the road.

Ensure your headlights are clean

With unexpected rains and dust storms, it goes without saying that cars tend to get dirty during the winter. While a simple car wash might fix most problems, it's especially important to ensure your headlights are clean. It's estimated that your headlights lose around 40% of luminosity in 35km when driving on a wet winter's day. If possible, get someone to stand outside the car and ensure all your lights are working correctly. If you happen to have any issues with any of your lights, it signals towards battery issues.

Get a thorough battery test done

Speaking of battery issues, did you know that the number one cause of vehicle breakdowns is a flat battery? It turns out, the risk of battery failure grows exponentially in cold and wet climates. While you should endeavor to change your car's battery every three years, you might have to do it sooner if the cold climate is affecting it. Some signs to look out for include the engine turning over slower than usual, the battery light flickering in the dashboard, and any faults in the electrical unit.

Whether your headlights aren't working, or you run into any other battery troubles, it needs to be fixed. You can avail a hassle-free battery replacement from the auto repair experts at Service My Car.

Thoroughly assess your tyres

We've covered this before, but it doesn't hurt to be repeated. Tires that are worn out are always dangerous, but the danger is enhanced when you drive in wet conditions.

We're aware that the UAE is prone to sudden rainfall in the winter, and driving in such conditions can be hazardous if your tyres aren't in a good condition.

It's also vital to ensure you have a roadworthy spare tyre too. If you happen to face the misfortune of dealing with a flat tyre, Service My Car provides flat tyre services as part of their roadside assistance services.

Check your windshield wipers and ensure you have washer fluid

Ensure your windshield wipers are in proper condition. They should not have any holes or tears. Moreover, they should be able to clean your windshield accurately without posing the risk of damaging it.

You can wipe the wipers clean every now and then. On top of that, you'll need adequate windshield washer fluid too. A mix of rain and dust can make your windshield dirty in no time, and washer fluid is the best way to get it back to its original state.

Winter's also when you're most likely to face some form of windshield damage. If your windshield's worse for wear, then it's probably time to get it replaced. Get the best windshield replacement from Service My Car.

Inspect your brakes thoroughly

Your brakes need to be working at its best, especially during the winter. If your brakes are squealing or grating, it's best to get them checked immediately.

Moreover, if you're taking the car out after a while, start off slowly to allow the discs, calipers, and handbrake to warm up gradually.

Check if it's time for a service

Like several of the tips above, this one's essential all year round. However, the adverse wintry conditions make this one just the more necessary.

You're typically advised to get a major service every 20,000km. You can always consult the vehicle manufacturer's guide if you're unsure. Alternatively, you could just ask one of the resident auto service experts at Service My Car.

[Note:-These tips and tricks are powered by the MG Service Center of United Arab Emirates] With hassle-free service packages, they can guide you to choose precisely what's required for your car. Get prepared for the winter by booking a service package at Service My Car today.

David Walker, David Walker at January 20, 2022 at 8:31am EST

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Every bookworm loves its book rack a lot. They take care of them like their own babies and rightfully so. A well-stacked wooden rack is a must-have in every household these days. They are the holders of our favourite, most prized possessions.

At times, these book racks for the home can end up looking a little boring. While it is true that a book rack is an aesthetically pleasing marvel on its own, sometimes it just needs a few elements to spruce things up. Here are some tips and tricks to do the same:

Strategic Stacking is the Key Most of us place our books vertically and although it does look nice, it is time to jazz things up a little. Lay them down and stack them horizontally to add some dimension to the book rack. It will break the monotony of vertically placed books and will give a refreshing look to your wooden book rack.

Buy Some Quirky Bookends Bookends are all the rage these days and it’s time for you to invest in some too. They will hold your books in place while adding a stylish element to your book rack. They would also prevent them from toppling down while giving your rack a piece of your taste.

Light Things Up An interesting way of bringing life to your wall book rack is by adding some nice lighting to it. Putting up fairy lights is a great idea. You can also invest in strip lights if you want a more minimal and classy look. These lights would look wonderful around your shelves and highlight your collection too. It is a very easy and simple way of adding sparkle to your bookshelf and your life.

Put Colourful Covers to Use These days, books come with very flashy and aesthetically pleasing covers. You should put them to use for making your shelf look fascinating. Rearrange your books according to the colours and add a hint of panache to the shelf. Remember, it is your bookshelf and you are free to decorate it the way you want to. Don’t hold yourself back and let your creativity run wild. If you want a pop of colour, you can put up books with orange or pink spines among black or beige book covers.

A Mirror to Your Personality Do not forget that the bookcase should be a reflection of your personality and who you are. You are the one to make rules so do what your heart feels like. Decorate it the way you want to and let it reflect your personality. You can place your books vertically, stack them up horizontally, or do whatever you want. It is your canvas, paint it the way you like!

Add Interesting Elements Be it a kids book rack or an adult one, it can get too boring if it just has books. Make things more fun by adding some figurines, planters, and cute miniatures. You can also put up fancy pen holders to add more character to your book rack. If your kid loves a particular superhero, get him/her a figurine of the same. Maybe you can display your figurine collection on the rack too. When it comes to ideas, the sky is the limit.

If you are thinking of buying a book rack online, make sure you get the right size and the quality is good. It needs to last you for years to come, so durability is a must. Do not let quality go for a toss just because a rack looks cute in the picture. Shop smartly and make wise decisions. Remember, furniture pieces are an investment, so make sure you put your money on the right product.

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