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Thank you for sharing thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams for the City with us so far!  Based on what we have heard on this website, and through our in-person forums, we have developed a draft Vision and Guiding Values for the City.  Theses are not just statements:  they will help City officials and staff make decisions about the City's future.  We are excited to share them with you, and hope that they reflect what you told us.

We invite you to login, take a look at the Guiding Values, and leave us your comments!

The City's draft Vision Statement is ready for your review. What do you think?

Vision:  The City of Howell will be a prosperous, diverse, family-oriented community that is the center of activity for the community.  The City will be home to a full range of housing, business, and recreational opportunities in a safe environment. Our events create a unique sense of place that attracts people to Howell.  We continually look to the future and adjust to our changing environment while building on the foundation built by generations before us.  We strive to be a welcoming home town for our current residents, future residents and visitors.

 The complete Vision and Guiding Values are attached.  These values will help City officials and staff make decisions about the City's future.  Please take a minute and give us your thoughts!

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Mary Shaughnessy about 7 years ago

I think that the Vision Statement is exactly how I perceive Howell to be. The manner in which the city has maintained its historic buildings while having grown with the times is really wonderful. .

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